The Effective Philanthropy Lab


Integrating design-thinking methodologies with traditional strategic planning and systems thinking, the EPL team’s current research agenda aims to develop the evidence base around HNW donor motivations and behaviors. This scope of inquiry includes mapping the broader ecosystem for HNW giving and creating a typology of donor behaviors (“archetypes and journeys”).

Thematic areas of inquiry include:

Donor Motivations

What motivates HNW and next generation donors to improve their commitment to solve social problems? How do we inspire HNW and next generation donors to become outcome-focused philanthropists?

Donor Needs

What are the current needs of outcome-focused HNW philanthropists? How are available resources addressing those needs? What are the unmet needs? What experiences, resources, and information help donors clarify their goals and increase their impact?

Leveraging Intermediaries

How can intermediaries (e.g., wealth managers, estate planners, and accountants) increase HNW donors’ philanthropic impact?

Select Research Outputs

Raikes Foundation case study
Designing For Philanthropy Impact
Landscape map of HNW donor ecosystem
Donor archetypes and journeys
White paper series (in development)