The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS) provides fellowships to support the research of doctoral and postdoctoral students. Founded in 2006, PACS has awarded fellowships to more than 50 graduate students across many disciplines and professional schools. (Please see our alumni list for more on the current positions of former fellows and postdocs.) And we have hosted nearly a dozen postdoctoral fellows for two-year fellowships.

The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society is deferring this year’s round of Ph.D. fellowship applications until March 2022. We very much welcome new graduate students from across the social sciences and professional schools to join us in the Ph.D. seminar on Philanthropy and Civil Society, which will meet on alternate Fridays throughout the 2021-22  academic year.  We anticipate resuming faculty speaker series in the fall and look forward to continued involvement with graduate students across the University. For more information on when the fellowship program resumes, please contact  Carla.eckhardt@stanford.edu