Stanford PACS affiliated faculty and scholars teach courses and seminars for undergraduates, masters and Ph.D. students. Topics range from philanthropy and civil society to governance, policy, and more. Hands-on courses offer ways to translate ideas to action. To see when specific courses are offered, search the Stanford course directory here.

Stanford PACS’ flagship course is the year-long research workshop, intended for graduate students conducting research on the nature of civil society or philanthropy and advanced undergraduates doing research of writing senior honor theses on related topics.

PACS Course Highlight

Students from the Theories of Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector.

EDUC 374/ POLISCI 334/ SOC 374 – Seminar on Philanthropy and Civil Society

Co-taught by Woody Powell  and  Aaron Horvath

Year-long workshop for doctoral students and advanced undergraduates writing senior theses on the nature of civil society or philanthropy. Focus...

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GSBGEN 367 – Problem Solving for Social Change

Taught by Paul Brest

GSB graduates will play important roles in solving many of today’s and tomorrow’s major societal problems—such as improving educational and...

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Philanthropy for Sustainable Development (POLISCI 236, POLISCI 236S, SUSTAIN 222)

Taught by Vera Michalchik and Micah McElroy


This course teaches students how to pursue social change through philanthropy with a focus on sustainable development. Students learn about...

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SOC 298: The Social Psychology of Contemporary American Politics (SOC 398)

Taught by Robb Willer, Professor of Sociology, Psychology, and Organizational Behavior

Where do individuals’ political attitudes and behaviors come from, and how can they be changed? In this class we will...

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SOC 375W: Workshop: Politics, Morality, and Hierarchy

Taught by Robb Willer, Professor of Sociology, Psychology, and Organizational Behavior

Advanced research workshop with a focus on new theory and research, recent publications, and current research by faculty and graduate...

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