Stanford PACS affiliated faculty and scholars offer courses and workshops for undergraduates, Ph.D. and masters students across the university each quarter. Topics range from philanthropy and civil society to governance, policy, and more. Hands-on courses offer ways to ideate and move from ideas to real world action. To check to see whether any of the following classes is offered during a given quarter, search Stanford listed courses here.

Stanford PACS’ flagship course is the year-long research workshop, intended for graduate students conducting research on the nature of civil society or philanthropy and advanced undergraduates doing research of writing senior honor theses on related topics.

The Stanford Social Entrepreneurship Hub recommends courses that relate to “social e” here.

Additionally, you can search for all courses that have a direct service component here.

Philanthropy and Strategy – Online Course

This ongoing, free course introduces the strategic framework that underlies any social program–whether concerned with health, education, drug abuse, or...

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GSBGEN 393 – Practicum in Applied Philanthropy: Achieving Impact from a Major Gift

Taught by Bill Meehan

Giving away money well-i.e., achieving genuine planned impact in a measurable way–turns out to be as hard or harder than...

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EDUC 377B/ STRAMGT 368 – Strategic Management of Nonprofits

Taught by Bill Meehan

This course seeks to provide a survey of the strategic, governance, and management issues facing a wide range of nonprofit...

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EDUC 377C/ GSBGEN381 – Philanthropy: Strategy, Innovation and Social Change

Taught by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Appropriate for any student driven to effect positive social change from either the for-profit or nonprofit sector, Strategic Philanthropy will...

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GSBGEN 319 – Strategic Philanthropy and Impact Investing

Taught by Paul Brest and Mark Wolfson

The course will be structured around the perspective of a foundation or a high net worth individual who has decided...

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GSBGEN 367 – Problem Solving for Social Change

Taught by Paul Brest

GSB graduates will play important roles in solving many of today’s and tomorrow’s major societal problems—such as improving educational and...

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ETHICS 232T/ POLITIC 236/ POLITIC 236S – Theories of Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Sector

Taught by Bruce Sievers

What is the basis of private action for the public good? How are charitable dollars distributed and what role do...

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EDUC 374/ POLISCI 334/ SOC 374 – Seminar on Philanthropy and Civil Society

Co-taught by Woody PowellRob ReichPaul Brest

Year-long workshop for doctoral students and advanced undergraduates writing senior theses on the nature of civil society or philanthropy. Focus...

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POLISCI 30SI – Digital Security and Civil Society

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and Divya Siddarth

This class will instruct students in the political economy of software and digital infrastructure as they relate to civil society...

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