Stanford PACS aims to improve the body and reach of quality research on philanthropy, civil society, and social innovation.

Stanford PACS encourages interdisciplinary approaches, leveraging the intellectual assets of a diverse, world-class faculty across the University. Below is the list of our active research project and historical research initiatives.

Digital Civil Society Lab

The Digital Civil Society Lab investigates the challenges and opportunities facing civil society organizations in the digital age, and develops resources to help organizations use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively.

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Effective Philanthropy Lab

The Effective Philanthropy Lab aims to improve the knowledge of donors—and of intermediaries providing donor education and advisory services—so they can make more informed, outcome-focused decisions, thereby increasing their philanthropic impact.

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Global Innovation for Impact Lab

The Global Innovation for Impact Lab focuses on refining diagnostic tools to support strategic decision making; understanding failure and learning as integral parts of innovation efforts; and determining conditions for success of innovation archetypes and strategies.

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Life Beyond the Farm

This research explores the dynamics of individual, civic and political engagement at Stanford. How do Stanford students transition and integrate (or not) into undergraduate life and how does the structure of their commitments on campus shift over the course of their collegiate careers.?

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Democracy and the Internet

The Project on Democracy and the Internet brings together researchers from across the Stanford campus to create an empirical research base that addresses the profound influence of the internet on the basic mechanisms of democracy, from issues of misinformation, to intimidation and harassment, to demogogery.

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SPEN - Civic Life of Cities

The Civic Life of Cities is a comparative cross-city research project that offers information about the local experiences of global trends influencing the nonprofit sector, so we can learn about the consequences of civic associational life for the vitality of urban areas.

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Recording Civic Action in China

This is a digital collection of archived websites and social media of selected Chinese grassroots non-government organizations. Currently the collection includes complete captures of 200 NGOs in six areas since 2015: gender, environment, education, labor, rural development and health.

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