The Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative

The Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative (EPLI) is an interdisciplinary team working at the intersection of human centered design, strategic philanthropy, and the behavioral sciences. EPLI’s guiding question is: How might we help High Net Worth (HNW) donors increase their philanthropic impact?

Individual donors in the US donate hundreds of billions of dollars every year, with HNW donors accounting for a significant proportion of that amount. We believe that the positive impact of this total giving currently falls short of its tremendous potential due to the challenges donors face in giving effectively. EPLI seeks to give HNW donors the tools and knowledge they need to become more intentional and outcome-focused in their giving.

EPLI’s work can be understood as three interlinked efforts:

  • Research into the realities of philanthropy
  • Development of tools and resources to help change the field and experience of donors
  • Sharing and teaching the research results and tools

Our Lab is supported by grants from the Raikes Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.