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A core function of EPLI is to design, develop, and prototype resources that help donors and the intermediaries who support them increase the effectiveness of their giving. All publications designed by EPLI are intended to be shared through a Creative Commons license. You can find a selection of some of our completed publications below.

LearnEP is a self-paced online course that is freely accessible for all who are interested in elevating their philanthropic practice. This course is designed to help you, your family, and your advisors engage in thoughtful conversations, be effective in your charitable giving, and anchor your philanthropy around what most deeply inspires you.


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EPLI’s signature resource to guide emerging, high-capacity philanthropists through their funding journey. This book covers the essentials of improving philanthropic practice in one easy-to-follow resource (Digital version available now, print version available for purchase). 

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An action-oriented workbook and planner for donors, families and advisors who want to engage in thoughtful, inspired, and effective philanthropy. The best practices reflected in this toolkit are based on field research led by Stanford experts with donors, advisors, and nonprofits  (Digital version available now, print version available for purchase). 


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Creative Commons License

All EPLI tools and resources found on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

What does this mean?

We invite all philanthropy practitioners to freely share and adapt whatever we build. This means you may copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. You can also transform and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

You only need to give appropriate credit to “Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society” and provide a link to the license (where possible). 


Privacy and Data Usage Statement

Users of the Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative website and online tools will be submitting personal data. For this reason, we are committed to transparency about data use and to protecting the privacy of your personal information. Please read our Privacy andData Usage Statement before using this site.