Resources to Follow 2020 Elections

by Stanford PACS Faculty and Researchers


The Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project was developed to ensure that the 2020 election can proceed with integrity, safety, and equal access. We aim to do this by bringing together academics, civic organizations, election administrators, and election administration experts to assess and promote best practices. Learn more.

The Election Integrity Partnership is a coalition of research entities focused on supporting real-time information exchange between the research community, election officials, government agencies, civil society organizations, and social media platforms. Learn more.


Nathaniel Persily, Program on Democracy and the Internet:

Rob Reich, Stanford PACS Faculty Codirector:

Robb Willer, Marc and Laura Andreessen Faculty Codirector, Stanford PACS: 


Election Debrief
Ensuring a Free and Fair Election
Nate Persily on the Success of the U.S. 2020 Election