Quality education for all is a goal of sustainable development in its own right, and education is also a tool for creating sustainable societies in other domains such as improved equality, democracy, or environmental outcomes.


World Education Reform Database (WERD)

Launched in 2022, WERD includes over 10,000 education reforms in over 150 countries since 1960. The database enables scholars to study what types of reforms occur, where and why, and to examine the effects of reform. WERD is freely available for download, more information is available here.

Civic Education & Sustainable Development

A long-term study of high school social science textbooks to document and explain emphases on multiple facets of sustainable development (e.g. emphases on human rights, equality, the environment, climate change) in more than 40 countries (including more detailed analyses of California and Texas). Countries with more ties to international-nongovernmental organizations often have higher emphases on sustainable development in their textbooks.


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