Building Capacity of Philanthropy and Nonprofits – China 2015

March 17 - 18th, 2015

Stanford Center at Peking University Beijing

Conference themes

21st Century Trends of Philanthropy In China

How Chinese Foundations and Grantmakers Approach Strategy and Capacity

How Chinese NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs Approach Strategy and Capacity

Integrating Capacity & Strategy: Introducing: A Tool Kit for Grantmakers & Grantees

Stimulating and Expanding Research on Philanthropy and Social Innovation in China

Building the Pipeline of Scholars, Practitioners and Leaders

Digital Civil Society

PKU + Tencent Foundation in Collaboration: Mobile Technology & Texting Project

Archiving Chinese NGOs


  • Lucy Bernholz - Director, Digital Civil Society Lab, and Senior Research Scholar, Stanford PACS
  • Kim Meredith - Executive Director, Stanford PACS
  • Yan Long - Stanford PACS Postdoctoral Fellow 2015/16
  • C.R. Hibbs - Visiting Practitioner 2015, Stanford PACS
  • Kaye A. Lee - Political Minter Counselor, U.S. Embassy Beijing
  • Jaff Shen - President, CEO, Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation
  • Qing Ye - General Secretary, Lean In China
  • Dr. Zhaoli Meng - Chief Economist, Tencent Internet and Society Institute and Director, Center of Industry Economy, Tencent Foundation
  • Dr. Lijuan Wu - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Peking University
  • Dr. Changdong Zhang - Assistant Professor, School of Government, Peking University
  • Dr. Xueguang Zhou - Professor of Economic Development, Professor of Sociology, and Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute, Stanford University
  • Dr. Meng Zhao - Associate Professor, Organization and Strategy, Business School, Renmin University
  • Dr. Jing Xu - Associate Professor, Guanghua Business School, Peking University
  • Dawei Li - Deputy Secretary-General, Yintai Foundation
  • Dr. Zhenyao Wang - Dean and President, China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University
  • Dr. Jar Der Luo - Professor of Sociology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Ping Wang - YouChange China, Social Entrepreneur Foundation
  • Dr. Ming Geng - Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Beijing China
  • Elizabeth Knup - Ford Foundation, China Representative