Yan Long

Yan Long (PhD, Sociology and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan) works at the intersection of transnational institutions, contentious politics and community health. Her research analyzes how emerging global health governance, as a technocratic institutional model, affects national health governmental organizations and community health development. Across a range of issues such as disease control, state violence, nonprofit organizations, and community advocacy, she show the uneven and power-laden transnational relationships that constitute the actorhood of international organizations, states, and local communities. Yan is currently working on her book manuscript, tentative titled Side Effects: The Transnational Doing and Undoing of AIDS Politics in China. She has also written on long-term medical care for the elderly in China. As a postdoctoral fellow at the PACS, Yan has been helping to grow PACS presence in China, including developing a new research project that aims at creating a digital archive of organizational documents of Chinese grassroots NGOs in gender and environmental fields.