China Program



Stanford PACS hosts several convenings throughout the year at Stanford’s main campus in Silicon Valley, and at the Stanford Center at Peking University. These convenings provide an interdisciplinary platform for knowledge sharing among scholars, philanthropists, and social sector practitioners from the US and China and provides an opportunity for Stanford PACS to engage with the philanthropic and nonprofit community in China.




Blurring of the Boundaries

Blurring of the Boundaries is Stanford PACS’ signature spring conference at SCPKU. Each year scholars, practitioners and leaders from China and Silicon Valley come together for this two-day event to ideate ways to improve the practice of philanthropy and nonprofit management and contribute to social innovation in China.

Philanthropy Innovation Summit

The Philanthropy Innovation Summit is Stanford PACS’ flagship biennial event that convenes individual and family philanthropists to discuss strategic and impactful giving in a non-solicitation environment. 

Frontiers of Social Innovation 2018

Frontiers of Social Innovation is SSIR’s biannual forum where leaders from around the world convene to discuss the most recent research and thinking on the causes of social inequities, and, importantly, the approaches and programs that are proving to be most effective at creating a more economically just world. 

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Non-profit Management Institute 2019

Each year SSIR brings together respected scholars, notable leaders of organizations, and prominent voices for a three day convening at Stanford to explore the latest research and thinking on the best ways for nonprofit leaders to avoid organizational paralysis and leverage today’s economic and political challenges to drive their organizations forward.

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Data on Purpose 2019

At its annual Data on Purpose conference, Stanford Social Innovation Review helps nonprofit leaders identify the best ways to build data and technology capacity. The agenda weaves together the latest research- and practice-based insights from data scientists and researchers, nonprofit and foundation leaders, policymakers, and other prominent experts, to help identify what is truly important, versus simply what is possible or what is urgent.

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Other PACS Public events

Stanford PACS hosts a number of events throughout the year featuring a range of topics related to philanthropy and social innovation. These events are open to the public to attend free of cost and are often live-streamed and available for viewing through our website.