Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative

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Sharing our learnings

As an academic initiative based at Stanford PACS, EPLI is uniquely situated to leverage its convening power to shape a community of practice focused on increasing outcome-focused philanthropy — a “network of networks” for philanthropic giving composed of donors, donor education groups, nonprofits and other key stakeholders. EPLI offers a space to share research and best practices through in-person workshops, online courses, and published materials.

In addition to bespoke workshops and seminars, EPLI also offers an executive-style learning program for philanthropy professionals



Select Workshops and Events


Case study share-out at the Hewlett Foundation
September 11, 2015

Workshop with Stanford alumni on Millennial archetypes
September 2015 / Chicago, IL
Partner:  Stanford Next Generation Giving

Nexus on Design Thinking and Strategic Philanthropy
September 30, 2015 / Stanford PACS Philanthropy Innovation Summit

Stanford Social Innovation Review webinar:  Design Thinking for Social Change
November 21, 2015

Problem Solving Philanthropy Workshop
April 18-19, 2015 / Stanford University
Partner:  Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

Design Thinking and Philanthropic Impact Workshop
March 20, 2016 / San Francisco, CA
Partner:  The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW)

Strategic Philanthropy Workshop
April 2016
Partner: Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

Design Thinking for Inclusivity
Stanford Social Innovation Review Conference on Design Thinking and Strategy
May 5, 2016 / Stanford University
Partner:  Stanford Social Innovation Review

Workshop with Wealth Managers, Estate Planners and Accountants
June 2, 2016 / Seattle WA
Partner:  Seattle Philanthropy Advisory Network (SPAN)

Strategic Philanthropy Workshop
August 2016
Partners: Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley

Presentation to Network of Funders
August 8, 2016 / Seattle, WA
Partner:  Raikes Foundation

Design Your Philanthropy Workshop
August 2016 / Stanford University
Partner:  Stanford Next Generation Giving

Using Design Thinking to Improve Your Personal Philanthropy
Workshop on Philanthropic Impact
October 21, 2016 / Los Angeles, CA
Partner:  Social Venture Partners

Grand Valley State Johnson Center for Philanthropy Session
February 2017 / New York City
Partners: Grand Valley State and Raikes Foundation

Session with USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy
March 2017 / Los Angeles
Partners: USC, JP Morgan and Raikes Foundation

“Design your Philanthropy” Session
May 2017 / Los Angeles
Partner: Milken Institute

Stanford PACS Philanthropy Innovation Summit Salon
September 2017

Stanford PACS Philanthropy Innovation Summit – Next Gen convening
September 2017

KORE Workshop exercises
January 2018
Partner: Kore

Give List Workshop
May 2018
Partners: Gates Foundation, ideas42 and Intentional Futures

Took-kit Testing Session Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AIP)
May 2018 / Nashville
Partner: AIP

Destination Impact – Donor Track facilitation
July 2018
Partner: Raikes Foundation

Perpetual Workshop for Philanthropy Unit and Wealth Advisors
July 2018
Partner: Perpetual (Australia)

Stanford PACS Convening: Improving Philanthropic Support in Wealth Advising
July 2019
Partners: Raikes Foundation, Gates Foundation

First Principles Forum Workshop
July 2019
Partners: Bloomberg BETA, Schmidt Futures

CGPI Study Tour: Workshop on Philanthropic Strategy
July 2019
Partner: China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) 

Strategy and Evaluation Workshops for Perpetual Partners & Affiliates
August 2019
Partner: Perpetual (Australia)

Effective Philanthropic Strategy Workshop
August 2019
Partners: Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), Asia Philanthropy Circle (Singapore)

Strategy and Evaluation Workshop – NextGen Professionals
August 2019
Partner: Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Stanford PACS Philanthropy Innovation Summit Salons – 1) Guide to Effective Philanthropy Feedback Workshop; 2) Panel on Donor Support Organizations
September 2019

Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation 
September 2019
Partner: Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund