Digital Civil Society Lab


Courses listed with a department number (ex: POLISCI 30SI) are available to enrolled Stanford students. Check the Stanford Bulletin for course offerings in the current academic term.

Videos from MOOC courses (ex: The Active Citizen in the Digital Age) are freely available online.

Continuing Studies courses (ex: Technology for Social Good) are open to adult students with or without a Stanford affiliation.

COMM 230ABC – Digital Civil Society

Taught by Lucy Bernholz, Toussaint Nothias, Jonathan Pace, Argyri Panezi, and Cadence Willse.

In a short three decades we’ve seen the hope for digital networks shift from liberating and democratizing to an anxious...

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COMM 230X – Digital Civil Society +1 Speaker Series

Taught by Lucy Bernholz, Toussaint Nothias, Jonathan Pace, Argyri Panezi, and Cadence Willse

Three decades ago, digital networks were seen as a liberating and democratizing force. Today, as society grapples with ‘fake news,’...

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Ethics of Technological Disruption

Rob Reich, Professor of Political Science and, by courtesy, Professor of Philosophy and of Education, Stanford

Mehran Sahami, Professor (Teaching) of Computer Science; Robert and Ruth Halperin University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, Stanford

Jeremy Weinstein, Professor of Political Science; Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies; Sakurako and William Fisher Family Director, Stanford Global Studies Division; Ford-Dorsey Director of African Studies, Stanford

Hilary Cohen, Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow, The McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford

  Course Description:    Course website:   In 2001 Google adopted the tagline “Don’t Be Evil” to describe its...

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Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change

Taught by Professors Rob ReichMehran Sahami, and Jeremy Weinstein

Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change is a new undergraduate course whose aim is to explore the ethical and social...

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POLISCI 30SI – Digital Security and Civil Society

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and Divya Siddarth

Digital Security and Civil Society: Course Overview from Stanford PACS on Vimeo. This class will instruct students in the political...

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Technology for Social Good

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and Rob Reich

Digital tools have changed the way we volunteer, give money, and organize for social good. This class offered through the Stanford...

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The Active Citizen in the Digital Age

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and Rob Reich.

We participate in our communities in many ways – as neighbors, volunteers, voters, donors, members of local organizations (PTAs, churches,...

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