The Lab offers innovative teaching opportunities for students to understand and imagine solutions to civil society’s challenges in a digitally dependent world. Our teaching seeks to nurture an emerging generation of scholars, community advocates, technologists, and policymakers shaping the future of digital civil society.

Our flagship course is the “Digital Civil Society” Seminar – a collaborative class taught and re-imagined every year by the Lab’s postdocs and lead scholars.

The Lab also organizationally supports Computing and Society, which is an interdisciplinary group of Stanford students dedicated to bringing more discussions about the ethical and societal implications of computing and computer science research to the Stanford community.

Below is a list of classes taught by DCSL scholars at Stanford over the years. Check the Stanford Bulletin for course offerings in the current academic term.

Bridging Policy and Tech Through Design

Taught by Lucy Bernholz

This project-based course aims to bring together students from computer science and the social sciences to work with external partner...

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Digital Civil Society Seminar

Taught by Lucy Bernholz, Toussaint Nothias, and DCSL Postdoctoral Fellows

The Digital Civil Society Seminar is the Lab’s flagship course for Stanford students. The class is taught and designed by...

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Digital Civil Society Speaker Series

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and DCSL Postdoctoral Fellows

The Digital Civil Society Speaker Series highlights evolving perspectives at the intersection of the social sector, digital technology, and contemporary...

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Digital Security and Civil Society

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and Divya Siddarth

Digital Security and Civil Society: Course Overview from Stanford PACS on Vimeo. This class will instruct students in the political...

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Ethics of Technological Disruption

Taught by  Rob ReichMehran Sahami, and Jeremy Weinstein

Teaching team: Rob Reich, Professor of Political Science and, by courtesy, Professor of Philosophy and of Education, Stanford Mehran Sahami,...

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Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change

Taught by  Rob ReichMehran Sahami, and Jeremy Weinstein

Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change is a new undergraduate course whose aim is to explore the ethical and social...

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Technology for Social Good

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and Rob Reich

Digital tools have changed the way we volunteer, give money, and organize for social good. This class offered through the Stanford...

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The Active Citizen in the Digital Age

Taught by Lucy Bernholz and Rob Reich

We participate in our communities in many ways – as neighbors, volunteers, voters, donors, members of local organizations (PTAs, churches,...

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