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Explore our resources below to learn directly from our research team. The videos below introduce you to the research team, provide context to how the team thinks of complex issues, shares our inspiration for this research and creates a foundation for applying findings to the day-to-day work of nonprofit practitioners. 


Featured work in Silicon Valley Business Journal



What does it take to be a successful organization in the Bay?

Principal investigator, Walter W. Powell, discusses what the team has learned about effective behaviors and practices of nonprofits in the Bay Area.

How do nonprofits contribute to civic capacity?

Researcher Christof Brandtner explores the role that nonprofits play in contributing to the environments they operate in.

How has technology changed transparency?

Researcher Aaron Horvath chats about the evolution of openness and transparency in  the internet age.

What is interesting about Shenzhen?

The research team talks explosive development, philanthropic leadership, and the interest in studying another technology hub.

Why study cities?

Members of the research team share the value of  comparing cities on a global scale, providing an opportunity to understand different sectors and a platform to increase the solution set for shared challenges.