Philanthropy Innovation Summit

Learnings from the 2019 Summit

– Leadership – Agenda – Salons – Sponsors

The Philanthropy Innovation Summit is a biennial event that convenes individual and family philanthropists to discuss strategic and impactful giving in a non-solicitation environment. The 2019 event was the fourth Philanthropy Innovation Summit hosted by Stanford PACS, and included panel discussions, armchair interviews and intimate philanthropy salons.

This invitation-only event is designed for individual philanthropists with the ability to give six-figure annual support to the issues about which they care. Philanthropists with varying levels of experience and diverse backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Click here to download a Summit Overview document (3 MB PDF).

Attendance is by invitation only.

Philanthropy Innovation Summit 2019 | Breaking Barriers – Funding Diversity and Inclusivity

May 19, 2020

Pamela Joyner and Luis Miranda, Moderated by Kathleen Kelly Janus…

Philanthropy Innovation Summit 2019 | The Journey to Meaningful Impact

February 27, 2020

Clara Wu Tsai and Jeff Raikes, Introduction by Xin Liu…

Philanthropy Innovation Summit 2019 | Ethics and Tech: Public Interest Technology

January 21, 2020

Rob Reich, David Siegel, and Lucy Bernholz kicked off the 2019…

Guest Speakers


Governor Gavin Newsom and 
Brian Chesky,
Co-founder and CEO, Airbnb 
and Giving Pledge Signatory

In conversation with

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen,
Stanford PACS Founder and Chairman

Additional Speakers

Ben Affleck, Fred Blackwell, Simone Coxe,
Mark Heising, Kathleen Kelly Janus,
Ted Janus, Pamela Joyner,
Kathy Kwan, Patrícia Villela Marino,
Carter McClelland, Cary McClelland,
Luis Miranda, Jeff Raikes, David Siegel,
Liz Simons, Nicole Taylor, Clara Wu Tsai, and Darren Walker

Summit Leadership


Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen


Paul Brest


Kim Meredith


Kathleen Kelly Janus and Ted Janus (Co-chairs), Mónica de la Torre and Herb Allen, Scott Alter, Roy Bahat, Angela Chao and Jim Breyer, Simone Coxe, Susan Ford Dorsey and Michael Dorsey, Nanci Bakar Fredkin and Gary Fredkin, Marcia and John Goldman, Mimi Haas, Debbie and Russ Hall, Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie, Patrícia and Ricardo Villela Marino, Stephanie and Carter McClelland, Simonetta Cittadini and Felipe Medina, Hema Sareen Mohan and Neal Mohan, Usha and Diaz Nesamoney, Adrian Rosenfeld, Regina K. Scully and John Scully, Jaff Shen, Maggie Lyon Varadhan, and Joy Wu


Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen (Chair), Herb Allen, Laura Arnold, Ted Janus, Karla Jurvetson, Xin Liu, Carter McClelland, Jeff Raikes, David Siegel, Liz Simons, and Darren Walker


Woody Powell, Rob Reich and Robb Willer 


07:45 amRegistration and Breakfast
08:45 amWelcome
Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Stanford PACS Advisory Board
Tribute to Laura Arillaga-Andreessen for her leadership as the PACS Advisory Board Chair and Co-Founder
Marc Tessier- Lavigne
Philanthropy Landscape: How Much, Who Gives and To What?
Kim Meredith and Ted Janus
09:15 amEthics and Tech: Public Interest Technology 
Rob Reich, David Siegel – Moderated by Lucy Bernholz 
10:45 amRole of Philanthropy in Policy and Advocacy
Laurene Powell Jobs in conversation with Darren Walker
Introduction by Carter McClelland
11:30 amBreak + Bento Box Lunch Buffet
12:00 pmBreaking Barriers: Funding Diversity and Inclusivity
Pamela Joyner and Luis Miranda, Moderated by Kathleen Kelly Janus
Introduction by Mónica de la Torre 
01:00 pmThe Journey to Meaningful Impact
In conversation on the learning journey about the how,
why and where of philanthropy in order to achieve strategic
and measurable impact in science, economic mobility, and the arts.
Clara Wu Tsai and Jeff Raikes
Introduction by Xin Liu
01:45 pm Leveraging Public-Private Partnership for Social Impact
Brian Chesky and Governor Gavin Newsom in Conversation with Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
03:00 pmFirst Philanthropy Salon Session
04:30 pmSecond Philanthropy Salon Session
05:30 pm

Cocktail Reception

Philanthropy Salons

03: 00 pm – 04:00 pmFirst Philanthropy Salon Session
Salon 1How Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and What We Can Do About It 
Rob Reich, Nicole Taylor, and Fred Blackwell
Salon 2Impact Investing
Paul Brest, Shally Shanker, and Stuart Davidson
Salon 3The Stanford PACS Guide to Effective Philanthropy: Feedback Workshop
Erinn Andrews and Kathy Kwan, Moderated by Karey Dye
Salon 4Designing a Human-Centered Approach to Your Philanthropy
Judy Jordan and Nadia Roumani 
Salon 5Mastering Systems Change: Seeking Global Solutions and Impact
Johanna Mair, Christian Seelos, Neera Nundy, and Sapphira Goradia
Salon 6Social Entrepreneurship: Betting on People by Funding Leadership
Carter McClelland, Patricia Villela Marino, and Jim Bildner, Moderated by Kathleen Kelly Janus
Salon 7Donor Collaboratives and Issue Funds
Nicolas Tedesco, Daniel Lurie, and Russ Hall, Moderated by Alexa Cortes Culwell
Salon 8Effective Political Giving for Social Change
Robb Willer, Amy Rao, and Michael Kieschnick
04:30 pm – 05:30 pmSecond Philanthropy Salon Session
Salon  9Setting Up My Philanthropy: Family Office, Donor Advised Fund (DAF), Family Foundation or LLC?
Ted Janus, Kim Laughton, and Vivian Wu
Salon 10Philanthropy Supporting Civic Life, Affordability and Resilient Communities
Woody Powell, Cary McClelland, and Nicole Taylor
Salon 11Influencing Policy for Climate Change
Mark Heising, Vance Wagner, Trevor Houser, and Devra Wang
Salon 12Funding our Future: Early Childhood Education
Liz Simons, Dan Schwartz, and Deborah Stipek
Salon 13Philanthropy as Society’s Strategic Risk Capital: Funding the Future through R & D
Jeremy Weinstein, Xin Liu, and Rob Reich
Salon 14Advocacy as a Tool for Social Change
Paul Brest, Sampriti Ganguli, and Rosemary E. Fei
Salon 15Getting Started: Donor Communities, Giving Circles, and Philanthropic Resources 
Catherine Crystal Foster, Danielle Gram, Erinn Andrews, Renee Kaplan, and Linda Lazor 
Salon 16Mastering Systems Change: Balancing Global Solutions and Local Impact
Johanna Mair, Christian Seelos, and Ben Affleck