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184 High St.
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Boston, MA 02130-3160 USA

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Mike Lapham
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Responsible Wealth (RW) is a network of business leaders, investors, and inheritors in the richest 5% of wealth and/or income in the U.S. who believe that growing inequality may be in their financial self-intrest, but is not in our long-term best interest, nor in the best interest of society. As beneficiaries of economic policies tilted in our favor, RW members feel a responsibility to join with others in examining and changing the corporate and government policies that widen the economic gap. Responsible Wealth members use their surprising voices - in Congress, in statehouses, in the media, and in corporate boardrooms – to advocate for progressive taxes (including a strong and permanent estate tax), living wages, and greater corporate accountability. Responsible Wealth is a project of the non-profit United for a Fair Economy, which provides educational materials and trainings on economic inequality and racial economic inequality to help build a movement for a fair economy.

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