2022 Forum Agenda

June 9, 2022 | 10am – 4pm PT


Breakfast & Meet and Greet Rooftop
Join us early for breakfast and coffee to get a head start on meeting your peers in the First Principles community.
10:00amRoy Bahat, Bloomberg Beta and First Principles co-chair
Sawako Sonoyama Clarin,
Stanford PACS and First Principles curator

State of Giving in 20221 2min
Priya Shanker,
Stanford PACS

Provocation: Why Philanthropy Is Failing Democracy 12min
Rob Reich,
Faculty Co-director of Stanford PACS and Professor of Political Science 

Debate: What Philosophy Should Guide Your Giving? 35min
Zachary Robinson,
Open Philanthropy
Roxana Shirkhoda,
Zoom and ex-Stanford PACS
Moderated by Rob Reich

First Principles Member Share: Our Principles

Erika Reinhardt, Primordium Foundation, Spark Climate Solutions, ex-Stripe, First Principles Host Committee member  
11:30amSmall Group Conversations  
12:30pm  Lunch
1:30pmMainstage – First Principles Member Shares: Our Principles
Kathleen Hegyesi,
Chad Dyer,
ex-Sequoia Capital and First Principles Host Committee member, featuring Nwamaka Agbo, Kataly Foundation and Restorative Economies Fund
2:35pmSmall Group Conversations
3:30pm MainstageClosing Conversations
Reflections by First Principles members
Roy Bahat + Sawako Sonoyama Clarin
4:00pm Happy Hour

Small Group Conversations 

Notes on format: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14fMcZQUUIK1D6hWitcIeRJQqyaEnbnWOP2SDgHwIb0U/edit 

Session Types

  • Roundtables — Led by peers to facilitate sharing, brainstorming, and open discussion among members about topics selected by the community.
  • Seminars — Led by experts in the field to teach about a timely issue or approach, with abundant time for Q&A.
  • Workshops — Led by facilitators to teach a certain skill or framework through hands-on exercises and personalized guidance.

Tracks – Equity, Climate, Policy, Practical Giving, Meaning and Money