Civic Life of Cities Lab

In Times of Crisis

We are learning and sharing how nonprofits are helping their communities during COVID-19

We are grateful and humbled to be part of a community that is making extraordinary efforts to support civil society during these challenging times. As a research center dedicated to producing and sharing knowledge to strengthen civil society, we are undertaking a series of work that we hope will contribute to better awareness and action to combat this pandemic. 

In our work at the Civic Life of Cities Lab, we are adapting our work and sharing important information and findings we have observed from the field. We are sharing what we find in real-time so that this information can be used to support nonprofit practitioners, funders, and our broader  communities to weather these challenging times.  

At the center of our work are the tireless nonprofit organizations that are sharing information, providing essential services, and standing up to racial injustice. We know that this work is happening while you may be dealing with financial challenges, expanding responsibilities and limited capacity. We work to understand and share what is happening in our nonprofit communities, to encourage learning and inform practice. We would love answer questions you have and learn about what you are doing, together we can further understanding about how nonprofits are navigating the present moment. 

What we are learning