Yilan Zhao

Ms. Zhao, Yilan, graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai and gained her Master in Education from University of Washington in Seattle, has great concerns in education development of the new generations. She is active in participating public services to advance the social transformation in China. Ms. Zhao is the founder and one of the members of council of Narada Foundation, which was established in 2007. Narada Foundation is dedicated to the mission of “fostering civil society”. It has been proactively shaping a healthy ecosystem and providing public goods for China’s philanthropic and non-profit sector ever since. Narada is the one of the first grant making foundations in China that provides finanancial support to grassroots NGOs. Narada is also a constructor of philanthropy Infrastructure, and an advocator of legal and policy development in philanthropic sector in China. 

In 2015, Ms. Zhao Yilan was elected to be Chairman of Ginkgo Foundation, which is focusing on investing in human capital in the non profit sector, mainly young NGO leaders and social entrepreneurs, helping them achieve great personal and career breakthroughs. Ginkgo Foundation is a community for the learning and mutual helps among these young NGO leaders. From 2010, it has granted 127 Ginkgo fellows from 25 different provinces in China. Being the chairman of Ginkgo Foundation, Ms. Zhao Yilan has a clear and strategic vision to incorporate more young social entrepreneurs, further activate the learning circle, and build a platform to help young philanthropic leaders make a broader social impact, in order to promote social changes and social innovation in this era of transformation.