Xinlan Emily Hu

Xinlan Emily Hu (B.S. Computer Science ’20, M.S. Symbolic Systems ’21) was a member of the Digital Civil Society Lab. She concentrates in human-computer interaction.
Her passion lies at the intersection of humans and technology—designing and analyzing user-focused solutions, backed by data analysis. She is interested in ways that technology makes us more productive, changes the way we communicate, and transforms organizations. She is also interested in the legal, social, and political implications of technological advancement. 
Previously, Emily has worked in the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab and studied abroad at Oxford University in Spring 2019. She has also worked in two separate summers on Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, Cortana. 
Emily is passionate about making technology serve—and be accountable to—the people. She is an outspoken debater and writer, and has been an elected member of the American Parliamentary Debate Society National Board, where she implemented programs that promoted diversity and equity in university debating.
In her free time, Emily is a dancer. She also organizes dance events, including the 2020 Stanford Viennese Ball.