Wenjuan Zheng

Wenjuan is a postdoctoral scholar with the Civic Life of Cities Lab and China Program. Zheng holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center. She earned a BSc degree in Environmental Science and City Studies from the University of Toronto in Canada and an MA degree in sociology from Columbia University. She is broadly interested in organizations, migration, social movements, and political sociology. Her dissertation, titled “Caught between the State, the Market, and Civil Society: The Divergent Paths of Chinese NGOs Seeking to Make Social Change in China,” examines how local institutional environments constrains and liberates the organizations’ strategic choices (such as decentralization versus centralization) in anticipating and responding to external crises, using ethnography and comparative case studies of nonprofit incubators in two cities of China. She is also one of the recipients of the China India Scholar-Leaders Initiative (CISLI) Fellowship. Her recent publications include “Migration and Popular Resistance in Rural China: Wukan and Beyond” (co-authored with Yao Lu and Wei Huang in The China Quarterly, 2017).