Melquiades (Kiado) Cruz

Melquiades (Kiado) Cruz is a distinguished community organizer, communication technology innovator, and Indigenous scholar hailing from the Zapotec community of Yagavila in the Rincón de la Sierra Norte of Oaxaca. Rooted in the Sierra, alongside his ancestors, Kiado’s family continues to reside there, cultivating the fields that surround them. Drawing upon the wealth of knowledge from his community and beyond, Kiado endeavors to reflect, motivate, and explore alternative avenues for regenerating culture through communication.

In recent years, Kiado has made meaningful contributions across various sectors, including civil organizations, alternative and independent media, and public institutions. Through these diverse experiences, he has gleaned insights into the democratization of expression and the creation of novel, expansive relationships, fostering the hope that society can forge new and autonomous ways of life. As a Zapotec communicator, activist, and social researcher affiliated with the Xidza People, Kiado co-founded Surco A C, an organization based in the city of Oaxaca. His dedicated work centers around crucial themes such as access to information, open knowledge technologies, and community education.

Presently, Kiado is actively engaged in the INDIGITAL initiative, a collaborative effort focused on ensuring access to information in indigenous languages. This initiative represents a significant stride toward the appropriation of digital rights by the Zapotec peoples of Oaxaca, situated in southern Mexico. Kiado Cruz stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to fostering positive change and empowering communities through his work in communication and technology.