Krystal Laryea

Krystal is a PhD Candidate in the Graduate School of Education. Her research interests include sociology of education, organizations, collective action/social movements, and religion.  Her first area of research examines moral change in college; in particular, how students’ political and religious commitments evolve in relation to their university contexts and cultures. In this area, she is involved with Doug McAdam’s longitudinal study of a college cohort, and she will be doing interviews and fieldwork with current Stanford students in the 2019-20 school year. Her second area of research examines how nonprofits, especially religious ones, survive, thrive, and contribute to civic life across different cities. For this work, she is involved with the Civic Life of Cities Lab as a member of the Bay Area research team.  

Krystal is an IES Fellow, the Graduate Fellow in Residence at Branner Hall (Stanford’s public Service dorm), a member of the National Advisory Board for the Haas Center for Public Service, and a former Graduate Fellow with the Ethics Center. Prior to Stanford, Krystal spent three years in the nonprofit sector, coaching universities across the Western U.S. in hosting large-scale civic dialogues. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work at North Carolina State University.