Jepchumba Cheluget

Jepchumba is a digital artist, farmer and cultural technologist. Exploring the intersection of art, tech, and culture in Africa, she is on a mission to access the rich legacy & inheritance of African technological innovation and elevate African creativity and innovation on a global stage. She is the Founder of African Digital Art and Future Lab Africa. A passionate advocate for the growth of creative technology in Africa, she is a speaker, strategist and cultural ambassador, bridging the gap between African art and tech innovation. 

Jepchumba is a visionary shaping African futures through her focus on African digital art and African Speculative Design. She has been listed by Forbes as one of the 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa (2012) and in the Guardian Africa’s Top 25 Women Achievers (2012) and Africa’s Top 10 Tech Pioneers (2016). Jepchumba crafts user experiences and interfaces that shape future digital artifacts and technologies. Her groundbreaking work in speculative design, user experience and user interface design is shaping African futures and imagination.