Daniel Maingi

Daniel Maingi is a science and development practitioner in Kenya with a 15-year career helping bring learning on appropriate and sustainable technologies to Civil Society Organizations in Eastern Africa. Specializing in the area of Biosciences, Daniel uses that experience to simplify jargon and stress strategies that put the rights of communities first, reversing power relations away from that of extraction and exploitation. This enables social change and innovation in an environment that brings Justice, reconciliation, and diversity to underdeserved communities. Daniel may spend his days at small urban farms in Nairobi, but it’s the realization that consumers and farmers across Kenya are realizing their rights to the best products, knowledge and health, that gets him up in the morning. When he is not a policy campaigner for the CSOs at the Inter-Sectoral Forum on Agrobiodiversity and Agroecology (ISFAA), Daniel is an avid bicyclist and loves spending time growing his organic chicken in the Streets of Eastlands, Nairobi Kenya.