Claudia Liuzza

Claudia Liuzza has a Laurea cum Laude in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and a dissertation in Egyptology from the University of Pisa (Italy). As an undergraduate she volunteer for the Bhasha Research Center, an Indian NGO, involved in the preservation of tribal culture. While writing her dissertation, she also worked for Peace Science Center (Pisa) a interdepartmental academic center promoting peace building through encounters between scholars of various disciplines. After her graduation she started a Postgraduate Certificate in Egyptology at the University of Birmingham (UK). Later she was awarded the Marie Curie Fellowship (CHIRON Project) at the Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation (Belgium) where she worked towards the establishment of the ICOMOS Committee on Interpretation and Presentation for which she currently serve as Coordinator of the Secretariat. Claudia is currently pursuing her PhD in Anthropology; her dissertation is titled World Heritage and the Private Sector: from shared global resource to market asset? Her interests lay in the intersection between global philanthropic and private sector involvements with conservation and development-based heritage projects, with a specific focus on the UNESCO 1972 World Heritage Convention. She has conducted fieldwork in Italy, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey and India and in the context of her dissertation in the US and UNESCO.