Adi Greif

Adi Greif is a mixed-method monitoring and evaluation expert as well as a gender specialist. Recently, she helped conduct impact evaluations for USAID through the Cloudburst Group, providing statistical analyses and policy briefs for land tenure interventions in Zambia, Ethiopia, and Liberia. Previously, at SRI International, Adi helped to design, manage, and analyze education evaluations, including in Zambia and South Africa. For various projects she wrote surveys and performed classroom observations, interviews, and usability studies. Adi was also a Stanford Ford Fellow in Philanthropy at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC.

Adi completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University’s Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law (CDDRL) after receiving a Ph.D. in Political Science from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University.