PACS news/August 13, 2018

Spotlight Series: Ling Han

Stanford PACS launches a spotlight series featuring the center’s research scholars and associates. Learn about their research, motivations, and the impact they bring to improve philanthropy, strengthen civil society, and effect social change.

Each month features a new research fellow at Stanford PACS. These individuals are postdoctoral and Ph.D. scholars, or center associates, whose research contributes extensively to Stanford PACS labs and programs. 

Ling Han recently completed her postdoctoral fellowship, studying gender, innovation, and professions in the nonprofit sector. Her work takes interest in China because its social innovation space involves dynamic changes.

Her research found that social professions first emerged to reform local government structures in China, but those professions have been increasingly serving the government, rather than the people. Fortunately, such merges have motivated local governments to encourage more collaboration and experimentation among the social sectors. Watch this spotlight video which provides an overview of her work.