PACS news/August 24, 2018

Spotlight Series: Claire Dunning

Claire Dunning is Stanford PACS September featured scholar. 

Claire Dunning recently completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford PACS, studying how and why small nonprofit organizations are at the forefront of American antipoverty movements. She uses a historical approach  to review the past sixty years of government policy, philanthropic grantmaking, and community activism.

Her research uncovers that the government plays a surprisingly substantial role in nonprofit organizations, whether directing funds or setting policies. As a trained historian, Claire believes analyzing and understanding the past and its people are the most crucial steps towards identifying complex solutions for complex problems.

More about the Stanford PACS spotlight series:

Stanford PACS spotlight series features the center’s research scholars and associates to share their research, motivations, and the impact they bring to improve philanthropy, strengthen civil society, and effect social change.

Each month features a different individual from Stanford PACS. These individuals are postdoctoral and Ph.D. scholars, or center associates, whose research contributes extensively to Stanford PACS labs and programs.