Stanford PACS hosts Sally Osberg

Stanford PACS will launch the book Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works with a public event featuring Sally R. Osberg on October 13

Paul Brest discusses impact investing

Social impact investing takes many forms these days. Investors can bring capital to worthy causes that otherwise wouldn’t be funded by investing in privately held businesses, or engage with other shareholders to put pressure on less socially motivated companies. They, too, can make so-called “sacrificial” investments in innovative social enterprises by accepting below-market, risk-adjusted returns as the price for doing...

Paul Brest teaches online course

Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy to be offered this fall.

PACS scholars on effective altruism

Reich, Brest, and Saunders-Hastings weigh in for a Boston Review special.

Tocqueville for today’s world

Emma Saunders-Hastings on Tocqueville and philanthropy in the current economy

PACS cohosts Growing the Impact Economy summit

Executive Director Kim Meredith spoke at the Presidio Institute summit.