PACS news / September 28, 2020

Civic Life of Cities adds Singapore to the Global Research Study

The Civic Life of Cities is excited to announce the addition of Singapore to the ongoing global research study. The addition of the Singapore region marks the 7th city to join this study. The research team is lead by Winnie Jiang, Assistant Professor at INSEAD. Winnie is working alongside Ling Han and Chengpang Lee

Jiang shares the team’s vision for this work: “Like the city-state itself, the non-profit sector in Singapore is characterized by multiculturalism, transnationalism, and a strong interest in the adoption of technology. We seek to understand how the non-profit organizations in Singapore navigate themselves through the cultural, geopolitical, and technological forces they face, and how they shape the lives of its residents and the city-state itself. In doing so, we believe the study of the social sector in Singapore can provide a valuable addition to our global comparative research on non-profits.”

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