The Promise of Philanthropy in China for the 21st Century – China 2013

March 20th, 2013

Stanford Center at Peking University Beijing

Scholars, Practitioners and Leaders Discuss Trends and Issues in the Field of Philanthropy

Conference themes

Social Innovation: Is it the Holy Grail?

From Contestation to Convergence? Performance Metrics in the Nonprofit Sector

Ethics, Transparency, Accountability and Governance for Social Good

Innovations in Philanthropy: New funding models, impact investing, and venture philanthropy in China


  • Walter W. Powell - Marc and Laura Andreessen Faculty Codirector, Stanford PACS
  • Johanna Mair - Director, Global Innovation for Impact Lab, Stanford PACS and Academic Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • Christian Seelos - Director, Global Innovation for Impact Lab
  • Jar-Der Luo - Professor of Sociology, Tsinghua University
  • Susan Liautaud - Visiting Scholar 2013, Stanford PACS
  • Cheng Gang - President, China Foundation Center
  • Tao Ze - Vice President, China Foundation Center
  • Elliott Donnelley II - Managing Partner White Sands Group
  • Cheng Zhuo - Founder, Torch of Love Foundation
  • Crystal Ding - Investment Manager, LGT Venture Philanthropy
  • Wayne Silby - CEO, Calvert Foundation
  • Ian Zhu - Partner, Tsing Capital