Philanthropy and Social Impact Summit – China 2016

March 17th, 2016

Stanford Center at Peking University Beijing

Conference themes

The State of Philanthropy: China and USA

Strategic Philanthropy: Money Well Spent

Passion and Impact: Models of Effective Philanthropy and Social Investment

Your Leadership: Socially Responsible Business Practices


  • Paul Brest - Marc and Laura Andreessen Faculty Codirector, Stanford PACS
  • Walter W. Powell - Marc and Laura Andreessen Faculty Codirector, Stanford PACS
  • Kim Meredith - Executive Director, Stanford PACS
  • Angela Rastegar Campbell - Co-Founder and CEO, Agora for Good
  • Alexander Campbell - Co-Founder, Agora For Good; Founder and CEO, Snow Ventures
  • Doug Guthrie - Senior Director, Apple, Inc.; Faculty Member, Apple University
  • Xin Liu - Founder, Enlight Foundation and Xinping Foundation; Advisory Board Member, Stanford PACS
  • Xiaohua Qian - President, Alashan SEE Foundation
  • Jennifer Ratay - Executive Director, Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund SV2
  • Guojun Shen - Founder and Chairman, Yintai Group; Founder and Honorary Director, Yintai Foundation
  • Jaff Shen - CEO, Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation; Founder and Executive Board Chair, Social Venture Partners SVP China
  • Yongguang Xu - Chairman, Narada Foundation
  • Yanlong Zhang - Assistant Professor of Organization and Strategy Management, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University