Dataraising and Digital Civil Society

August 10th, 2022 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm PT

Online event

What is dataraising and why should nonprofits care? For millennia humans have given time and money to each other and to causes they care about. A few hundred years ago we invented nonprofit organizations and they’ve become a key mechanism in the donation of private resources for public benefit. Now, we can also donate digital data. Organizations such as iNaturalist use donated digital photographs to build communities of nature lovers and inform climate scientists. Other organizations are using donated data to build cultural archives, advocate for fair labor laws, protect consumers, and for medical research.

Join Lucy Bernholz, author of How We Give Now, Scott Loarie of iNaturalist, and Dr. Jasmine McNealy from the University of Florida for a discussion of the promises and perils of donating digital data and the implications for individuals, communities, and civil society.

This event is hosted by the Internet Archive.


  • Lucy Bernholz - Director, Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS
  • Scott Loarie - Co-director, iNaturalist
  • Jasmine McNealy - Associate professor in the department of Media Production, Management, and Technology at the University of Florida