Data on Purpose: Navigating the Digital Now

February 19 - 20th, 2019

Fisher Conference Center - Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center 326 Galvez St.
Stanford, CA 94305

In both our personal and professional lives, we are living in a digital world. The days of planning for our digital future are past. Today we operate in the digital now. Whether we identify ourselves as such, we are the leaders of digital organizations operating in a digital environment.


Nonprofit organizations have moved well past the time when technology and data were treated as standalone entities. Now they are an integral and critical part of our organizations’ operations, on par with fundraising, communications, and other core functions. And like those other core functions, we must examine our technology and data strategies to properly evaluate and prioritize our needs and successfully build our digital capacity. How we do this is the theme of this year’s 
Data on Purpose 2019: “Navigating the Digital Now.”


At our 5th annual Data on Purpose conference, Stanford Social Innovation Review will help nonprofit leaders identify the best ways to build data and technology capacity. We will weave together the latest research- and practice-based insights from data scientists and researchers, nonprofit and foundation leaders, policymakers, and other prominent experts, to help identify what is truly important, versus simply what is possible or what is urgent.


Participants in Data on Purpose 2019 will come away with:

• Insight into the latest technology trends impacting the social sector, and an understanding that they don’t need to keep up with every trend in order to successfully build digital capacity

• Clarity of the changing role and practice of ethical data use, and an assurance that they don’t need to become (or hire) a data scientist to be a data-driven, digital organization

• Confidence in their own ability to answer the technology questions that have bedeviled their organizations, and tools to bring those answers to fruition