Creating a Just Technological Future

November 13th, 2019 - 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

McClatchy Hall - Building 120, Mendenhall Room 450 Jane Stanford Way
Stanford, CA 94305


Due to unavoidable circumstances, this talk has been postponed. Please check back later for a rescheduled date.

This talk will explore the findings within Advancing Racial Justice in Tech and argue that ethics alone will not get us to a human centered approach to design, deployment and regulation of advanced technological systems. 


  • Mutale Nkonde - Founding Executive Director of AI For the People

Speaker Bio

Mutale Nkonde is the founding Executive Director of AI For the People, a non profit that seeks to use popular culture to educate Black audiences about the social justice implications of the deployment of AI systems in public life. Prior to this,  she worked as an AI Policy advisor and was part of the team that introduced the Algorithmic and Deep Fakes Accountability Acts, as well as the No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act to the House. 

A previous talk in May 2019 titled Advancing Racial Literacy in Tech made the case that it will take more than ethics to create a more human centered computing industry. Mutale Nkonde is extending this work as a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center of Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Learn more about Mutale Nkonde’s work at https://www.mutale.tech/

Event Co-Sponsors

The Center for Comparative Study in Race and Ethnicity

The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence