Undergraduate and Graduate, 2 Units, Spring 2013, Mondays 4:15-6:05pm (Susan Liautaud) 

Offered: Spring Quarter 2013

The course focuses on advanced international problem-solving through the lens of international NGOs but integrating other relevant players addressing global issues. This course will explore the policy, business, strategic, political, and humanitarian/rule of law aspects of NGOs. Students will consider the major issues that international NGOs face in their effort to effect positive change in an increasingly complex global environment. Policy innovation will be part of the discussion. We will draw heavily on a series of sophisticated case studies involving a variety of NGOs, areas of specialization, and geographic regions.  The course will cover a range of topics, likely including: medical humanitarian aid; climate change; the natural resource curse (blood diamonds, minerals, etc.); issues in China; women’s issues; neglected diseases; and poverty.  Prominent NGO leaders from around the US and internationally will join the course as guests. Students will have a final project with great flexibility in form and topic on an issue of their choice (but with content and scope guidelines) but no final exam. Class attendance is mandatory.