Graduate, 4 Units, Fall 2012, Fridays 10:00-1:00pm (Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen)

Offered: Fall Quarter 2012

This is one of the first academic courses to present philanthropy from a strategic field-based perspective. Effectively participating in the social sector mandates a firm grounding in the ever-evolving principles, practices, and models unique to philanthropic stewardship, strategy, and grantmaking. This course will provide an overview of the key operational and strategic distinctions between traditional philanthropic entities, such as community foundations, private foundations and corporate foundations and contemporary models, including funding intermediaries and venture philanthropy partnerships. Students will examine the translation of philanthropic vision and capital into social innovation and action by applying strategic decision-making models as frameworks. Students will analyze foundation mission, operating principles, and infrastructure, while learning about financial management, grantmaking, evaluation, and knowledge management. Additional topics include giving, donor intent, policy change, global social investing, venture philanthropy, and corporate philanthropy. Course work will include readings and case discussions, as well as role-plays and in-class debates. The primary individual project will entail creating a business plan for a $10 million foundation. Every business plan will also include an organizational assessment of a locally-based and service providing nonprofit. Each student also will create a short Philanthropic Passion video presentation.