Research Workshop: Philanthropy and Civil Society, 1- 3 Units, Fall-Spring (Woody Powell, Rob Reich, Paul Brest, & Johanna Mair)

Offered: Winter Quarter 2014

This workshop is intended for graduate students doing research on the nature of civil society or philanthropy and advanced undergraduates doing research or writing senior honors theses on related topics. Professors Woody Powell and Paul Brest, with visiting scholar Johanna Mair, will lead discussions of recent writings that form the corpus of our scholarly knowledge of the nonprofit sector and civil society. Students will present their work, circulate drafts of chapters and proposals, and receive feedback from Powell and Mair, the teaching assistant, and fellow students. The class will be visited on occasion by other scholars and practitioners for a discussion of their work as it related to themes of the class. The course’s aim is to help students to produce high quality work that will have an impact in their respective disciplines and shape the scholarly terrain of research on philanthropy and nonprofits.