The Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative

Wealth Advisor’s Philanthropy Toolkit

The Philanthropy Toolkit is a resource designed to provide wealth advisors with a framework to address common philanthropy-related client questions, and to help advisors take a more proactive approach with helping their clients develop a philanthropy plan. The Toolkit is composed of six sections–each section addresses different aspects of philanthropic planning process. 

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Project’s Guiding Questions: 

  • How might we engage wealth advisors to help their clients develop and implement their philanthropic plan?
  • How might we support wealth advisors to provide philanthropic guidance as part of their client’s financial planning?


Increasingly, high-net-worth individuals are requesting guidance in their philanthropic planning, and wealth advisors are uniquely positioned to provide this support. Wealth advisors already support their client to set financial goals and have knowledge about their clients’ financial situations. We believe wealth advisors can smoothly extend to supporting clients’ giving goals, to help them articulate their desired legacy, and to realize their desired impact, as part of their philanthropic journey.

EPLI began this project in 2015, interviewing financial intermediaries across the U.S. to better understand how improved philanthropic guidance could be integrated into the financial planning process. For this project, we then narrowed our focus to wealth advisors given their unique role connecting various strands of a client’s financial plan.


Project PartnerS

  • Raikes Foundation
  • Gates Foundation
  • Schwab Charitable


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