Digital Civil Society Lab

Black Disinformation Resistors


This project is being administered through AI for the People (AFP), a new nonprofit, founded in October 2019. Our mission is to use popular culture to educate Black audiences about the social justice implications of the use of AI technologies in public life.


The goals of the project are to introduce students at Stanford to public interest technology, with a focus on the role that creative technologists play in this field. My hope is that students will become comfortable working across race, gender and class lines and produce an event on campus. I want students to write about this experience either with me or alone and hope this will ignite an interest in working in public interest tech.


AFP plans to do this in two ways. For the first part of the project, I plan to work with Stanford students on the development of the Stanford Public Interest Technology Lab. My goal is to hire up to three students who will become part of my Stanford University ground crew. They will be charged with helping get the word out for the Stanford University Rap Session, then work with other non profits in the Bay Area to develop Rap Sessions Cypher, where we host community discussions about the impact of advanced technologies on Black communities. The first topic we will discuss is race, technology and democracy, and we will go from there.

The second part of the project is AFP’s inclusion on the 2020 Rap Sessions tour. I will be a panelist at each session where my role is threefold. Firstly, I am charged with explaining how algorithmic ad recommendation systems mediate our access to online information. Secondly, I will be educating a largely Black audience about the history of race and Russian disinformation. Lastly, I will provide advice on how social media users can identify and resist disinformation campaigns.

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