Karla Jurvetson

Karla Jurvetson is a physician, philanthropist, and political activist who lives in Silicon Valley.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in human biology with honors and with distinction from Stanford University, a medical doctorate from the University of California, and completed her residency at Stanford Hospital. 

Karla has served as a trustee for a variety of nonprofit boards, including Peninsula Open Space Trust and the San Francisco Ballet. She has been honored by Silicon Valley Social Venture with the SV2 Social Impact Award and by Gentry Magazine as among the top philanthropists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Internationally, she is a supporter of the Jane Goodall Institute, Conservation International, and One Acre Fund. Karla currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Nueva School, where she co-chaired the school’s $50 million capital campaign and was one of the founders of the Nueva Upper School.  

Karla also has been a long-time political activist, starting as a college student when she volunteered as a grassroots canvasser and continuing through playing a pivotal role in the 2018 midterm elections.  She serves on the Board of Directors of EMILY’s List, which is a progressive political community of over five million members.  She is active in current efforts to increase voter turnout, end voter suppression, and increase the representative diversity of our society’s leadership  to affect positive structural change.