Carla Eckhardt

Carla Eckhardt is the Executive Director of Stanford PACS effective October 21, 2020. Drawing on more than 27 years of experience in nonprofit and organizational management in various leadership roles from Chief Operating Officer in a US healthcare system to Country Director for International NGO’s, Carla provides strategic and operational leadership to effectively guide the academic contributions of Stanford PACS to the third sector – civil society.  A big believer in knowledge creation and dissemination leading to transformation change in civil society, Carla hopes to help PACS and SSIR reach larger audiences, contribute to the development of original research in this sector, and create spaces for philanthropists to expand their effective and strategic giving strategies. Carla holds an MSc in global management from the Robert Kennedy College business school in Zurich. She lives in Northern Virginia with her children and her beloved mutt Olive, who are all moving to Palo Alto soon.  While California will always be home, Carla is truly a global citizen at heart.

October 2020