PACS Audio Archive

PACS Audio Archive

Stanford PACS offers many of our previous events and conversations with scholars, practitioners, and leaders as mp3 files or podcasts. Explore individual topics below.


What is Impact?

Conversation on Impact Investings with Paul Brest, MIchael Dorsey, Lenny Mendonca, Chad Spitler, Lauryn Agnew, and Paula Goldman

Social Innovators for the Public

Hear the story of visionary Ashoka Fellows who are devoted to advancing women’s rights and improving lives around the world.

Collective Impact and the Environment

Discussion on the collective impact model using the Northern Sierra Partnership as a case study. Features Lucy Blake, David Edelson, Jim Morgan, Curt Riffle, and Buzz Thompson.

Transforming Lives: Just Business As Usual

Features executives from companies aiming to change lives through their social programs. Matt Cohen (Off the Grid), Dotti Hatcher (Gap), Kathy Mulvany (Cisco), Sarah Degnan Kambou (International Center for Research on Women)

charity:water and Donors Choose

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Stanford PACS Board Chairman, leads a conversation with Charles Best, Founder and CEO of, and Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of charity:water. They discuss technology’s impact on the world of philanthropy.

A Decade of Outcome Oriented Philanthropy

Paul Brest, Phil Buchanan, and Johanna Mair in conversation.

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

Networked nonprofits don’t work harder or longer than other organizations, they work differently. Hear from co-authors Beth Kantor and KD Payne.

The Art of Doing Good

For anyone setting out to change the world, launching a nonprofit venture can be a powerful way to enact change. Features Jeffery Solomon, author of The Art of Doing Good with Charles Bronfman.

Everyone a Changemaker

Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, spoke with Greg Dees, in a conversation touching on empathy, education, and social enterprise.

Healthcare in Canada vs. the United States

P.G. Forest, Harold Luft, and Woody Powell discuss compariative politics and policy in healthcare.

How Next Generation Leaders are Using Philanthropy to Impact Civil Society

Recent graduates Jonny Dorsey, Lauren Finzer, Travis Kiefer, and Shiza Shahid on a panel moderated by Woody Powell, PACS Faculty Co-Director.

New Models of Effective Philanthropy in the 21st Century

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Russ Hall, Jessica Jackley, and Kim Meredith discuss the most exciting developments in philanthropy.

Philanthropy and the Emergence of Next Generation Leadership

Isabel Allende, Author and Philanthropist and Luis Ortiz, un Techo. Moderated by Kavita Ramdas, PACS Visiting Practitioner.

Philanthropy in the 21st Century: How Foundations Can Advance the Public Good

Sterling Speirn, President & CEO of Kellogg Foundation, discusses seven suggested steps to success for foundations in the modern age.

Reframing the Equality Agenda: A Systems Approach

Susan Sturm of Columbia Law School addresses the topic of reframing the equality adgenda.

Revolutionizing Philanthropy: A Conversation with Buzz Schmidt

Buzz Schmidt, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Guidestar, speaking with William Meehan, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Disrupting Philanthropy: Technology and Policy in the 21st Century

Lee Raine, Lucy Bernholz, and Rob Reich address the changes of technology in philanthropy for civil society.

The Dragonfly Effect

Jennifer Aaker, Stanford University General Atlantic Professor of Marketing, discusses the concepts around her new book The Dragonfly Effect along with panelists  Jessica Jackley, founder and CEO of Profounder and co-founder of, and Eric Grossberg, co-founder of Brilliant Earth

Venture Philanthropy: Getting Results & Adding Value

David Saltzman, President of the Robin Hood Foundation, interviewed by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Chairman of the PACS board.

Do More Than Give

Alexa Culwell, Leslie Crutchfield and Mark Kramer discuss the six practices of donors that change the world.

A Chance to Make History

Wendy Kopp discusses Teachers for America.

Ethics in the Nonprofit Sector

Deborah Rhode discusses ethics and nonprofits.

Ethics in the Non-Profit Sector (Video)

Deborah Rhode, Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law and Director, Center on the Legal Profession at Stanford Law School.