Relevant Policy Domains

We are creating a list of policy domains that matter to the new social economy. This includes domains that shape philanthropy, nonprofits, social enterprise, technology for the common good, impact investing, the commons, collaboration, and the sharing economy. Our larger goal is to build an interactive database of these domains, the key issues within them, and the major institutional actors within each domain. We'll start with the United States but intend to get global (with your help) as quickly as we can.

Please suggest resources and domains and help us build this out.


  • Charitable tax deductions
  • Exempt organizations (501 c)

Corporate Structures

  • B Corporations
  • Low Profit Limited Liability Companies
  • Benefit corporations 

Investing/ Impact Investing

  • Crowdfunding Entreprenuership - Info from The Sustainable Economies Legal Center 

Intellectual Property

  • Creative Commons and alternative licensing
  • Open Science - New York Times on ResearchGate and public science
  • The World Bank partners with Google (instead of OpenStreetMap route) 

Digital Public Goods 

Campaign Finance/Political Giving

  • Citizens United vs The FEC 

Sharing Economy

  • Carsharing, ownership, and insurance law
  • Municipal regulations that facilitate, inhibit sharing
  • Sharing v renting - tax implications