The Social Economy Charrette

The Promise and Peril of the New Social Economy

The first ReCoding Good Charrette will focus on intersections between the sharing economy, nonprofits and philanthropy.

Recent decades have seen great tactical innovation in social enterprise and impact investing. Major legal changes have transformed the roles that nonprofits play in political campaigns. Digital and mobile communications have expanded the ways we organize our institutions and our networks. Together, these changes add up to a new social economy – a dynamic and diverse set of enterprises that direct private resources to public goods. Now is the time to look beyond the tools we’ve built and look at the rules that guide their use.

This first charrette is scheduled for January 24, 2012 and is co-hosted with The materials for the charrette are on this site and we will post a synthesis of the discussion afterwards as well as additional resources that come our way. Invitations have been sent to the in-person participants. These materials are available for use by everyone - those who will join us in person and anyone who wants to participate virtually.

The video below includes a welcome and some framing comments from me, Lucy Bernholz, and my project co-lead Rob Reich.

Download this video (MP4)

Here are links the agenda, slide deck, welcome letter, and FAQs we'll use on January 24th. Please review and feel free to share.

Sharing and the New Social Economy?

Why talk about the sharing economy and nonprofit/philanthropic policy?

Many sharing companies/platforms are organized as nonprofit organizations. More important, many of the community-oriented goals of sharing — meeting your neighbors, using fewer resources, building community — are values held by (and in many people’s minds) institutionalized by the nonprofit sector. But we think this is changing — those same values can be brought to life by commercial brands, informal networks, and all kinds of hybrid organizations.

This conversation with Neal Gorenflo of outlines some other reasons to think about sharing and the social economy.

Download this video (MP4)

What is the purpose of this conversation?

This conversation is the first in a series of discussions to be held in 2012 about the new social economy. We want it to spark two things –First, a set of big ideas about how sharing practices, platforms and companies are directing private resources to public good and what that might look like over the next decade. Second, we want to consider the practical policy implications that the growth of sharing companies creates for nonprofits, donors, activists, and social investors. Where are these two parts of the social economy — sharing and giving — in alignment, where might they be in conflict, and what are the policy implications and opportunities?

If you have questions for us in advance or want to comment, participate virtually, or share materials please send them to me at bernholz at stanford dot edu. We'll do our best to include them and you.

The resources section of this site has some information on the sharing economy. Please check it out and feel free to recommend additional materials.

Please contact Lucy Bernholz (bernholz at stanford dot edu) with additional ideas.

The Social Economy Resources

Rob Reich, Class Day Lecture, (video) The Promise and Peril of the New Social Economy, Stanford, June 2011 (begins at 30:00)

Yochai Benkler, The Penguin and the Leviathan

On the Commons

Marvin Brown, Civilizing the Economy

Lisa Gansky, Six Reasons Why The Sharing Society (aka THE MESH) Will Trump The Ownership Society